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The Copihue de Oro is an award to recognize figures from the world of entertainment and show business. A traditional Chilean event with a red carpet to see the best looks.


The beautiful Kika Silva, played with everything to dazzle in this new edition of the Copihue de Oro 2017. That is why she dared to be one of the first to walk the red carpet of the event, which is broadcast on Channel 13 and where she's in charge of the backstage.

The Welcome panelist's dress was designed by Paula Errázuriz, the hair and makeup was in charge of Fernanda Villarroel and finally, the jewels she wore are Miu Miu and TOUS.S.

As expected, the blonde model drew applause on the red carpet, showing all her beauty and statuesque body, which she wore in a transparent, black suit. In addition, the animators of the event, Angélica Castro and Francisco Saavedra, highlighted the wisdom of Kika's decision, since the dress that fits her perfectly.


In this case, Kika Silva was the host of the Arca project, who with an emerald green Paula Errázuriz nightdress won the award for the best dressed and left a lot to talk about during the Close-up panel.. 

The model was the first to cross the surface of more than 400 meters, installed at the entrance of the Monticello Casino. Kika Silva dazzles with her look at the Copihue de Oro.

After passing through the red carpet, the model was filled with praise on social networks, where she was one of the main focuses of attention.

The former queen of Viña played it with one of the trends of the moment.

Kika Silva, walked the red carpet of the Copihue de Oro 2018 with an emerald green dress, very elegant and feminine. Without a doubt, he stole the gaze of the audience with his statuesque silhouette.

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