The most important event in our country is undoubtedly the Viña Festival gala when all the faces from TV give their best look on the red carpet. This year more than 120 people were invited to shine on the 180 meters of carpet that was displayed by Chilevisión on the front of the Enjoy casino in the garden city.

Exposure, lots of exposure. The Viña Festival is the biggest event of the summer and the gala that kickstarts this musical festival has become a television show in its own right, with high ratings. The audience awaits in their homes (and even stationed near the carpet) the looks of the celebrities from their favorite TV soap operas, or the celebrity they are following on Instagram or their favorite TV entertainer. Everyone takes the liberty of giving their opinion from their own place, the ratings soar and sponsors pay millions to take the spotlight off the summer's starry night. They share the limelight with the names that walk the red carpet and the brands and designers that wear them.

Among the highlights of the night was Paulita Errázuriz. The young designer showed off her dresses for Francisca Merino, Josefina Cisternas and Macarena Venegas. Very televised, being flattered by their incredible decision in fabrics, colors, and form.

Local talent and overshadowing several who wore internationally recognized labels.

Francisca Merino in an emerald green dress by Paulita Errázuriz. One of the few national celebrities that has been present in almost all the galas is the actress and panelist of Bienvenidos Francisca Merino who in this opportunity chose the national designer Paula Errázuriz who was in charge of dressing the mythical actress of Adrenaline.

Josefina Cisternas A new face in the red carpet that is making a name because of the great election she made to be present at such an event. Josefina certainly highlighted all her attributes in a dress by the designer Paulita Errázuriz and closed the final look in style, along with Swarovski accessories.

Macarena Venegas An important entertainer of the Chilean television with more than 10 years of trajectory and at the moment leader of opinion in all the world topics of the rights and laws. She has developed a career in television mainly related to the legal world, but she has also participated in the show business and entertainment. In a golden lace dress by Paulita Errázuriz, she shined.

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