About Us

Paulita Errázuriz Design is an authentic and creative, Haute Couture design brand, handmade in Barcelona, Spain.
Sophisticated, chic and delicate European fabrics are combined with distinctive appliqués, that create a unique artisanal effect,

made especially for the free and independent person of today, that pave the way with their individual sense of style and personality.
Freedom is what the brand represents, through exotic textures, colors, transparencies and shape, to express luxury, elegance and style.


Our vision is to be a recognized sustainable luxury brand in the fashion industry and worldwide through responsible and environmentally conscious consumption,
through the use of technology and innovation materials that are friendly with the environment.


Our mission is to reflect a lifestyle through our garments. One that shows the versatility, freedom and energy that distinctive and confident person like to flaunt.
Our most important aspect is liberty and the ability to dare, no matter what.

Paulita Errázuriz Design is a shout out to the world, where self confidence, passion and freedom are a way of life.
It’s about feeling distinctive wearing the designs, but also confident and relaxed.