Because what we care about most is our planet.
Our vision focuses on the reuse and deconstruction of garments
garments to contribute with a conscious design under a sustainable practice.
We use the remnants of the collections as applications and sets of pieces
for create new unique and unrepeatable garments.
Currently, we work with three haute couture workshops in Barcelona,
where the few but highly significant people who are part of them play an important role in the creative and productive process.
They use traditional sewing techniques on a fair payment basis for their work of the highest quality.
Our collections do not follow trends or seasons.
We like to improvise according to the inspiration of the designer, without following rules or patterns.
We play with our imagination without limits, in order to take our ideas far away.
Always consciously aiming to produce with the least possible impact on the environment.
As a result, our packaging is made of organic, recycled and recyclable materials.