Paula Errázuriz is a Chilean Fashion Designer, Stylist and Image Consultant.

“My wish is to create a new concept of luxury,
that is different and flourishes through an experience of color and texture.”

From a young age, Paula explored and studied diverse and unrestricted styles
that allowed her to develop and create a characteristic taste early on.

Each and every one of her pieces reflect a part of her personality and soul,
creating a final product that is unique and completely special.

“I love challenges, and find myself constantly looking for
inspiration and new concepts to put forth with my designs.”

The key elements of her style are: quality, diversity, exclusivity and singularity.

“Where everything is possible, no barriers or limitations,
I imagine my designs as a long trip that starts by inspiring me in Barcelona,
encases every street corner, to later go out into the world.”


The idea of the brand was born in London, after being inspired by the English Bulldog embroidery that caught Paula’s eye in Portobello Market, Notting Hill.
Her studies in Central Saint Martin’s allowed her to imagine and begin to formulate the brand’s aesthetic and style.

Everything began after the designer returned to her home in Chile, after a creative and colorful trip through Europe, where she adventured through the markets of eclectic and inspiring cities such as: Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Ibiza. This allowed her to create an exclusive first collection of 30 unique pieces.

The adventure for Paula does not finish here, her trips continue around the globe, and continue to represent her initial style of the embroidered Bulldog, with a bohemian, artisanal and delicate flair.

Inspired by the energy of life, the brand looks to interweave and revitalize different stages in which one can find oneself.