During a very special and motivating night, the Heart Med Gala was held, located in fascinating Sicily at the foot of the Greek temple Valle dei Templi, a UNESCO heritage site, where Paulita Errázuriz acts as one of the main donors of the night that benefited directly to the children's home Familia Coop Sociale.Gala created by Marco Castelli, an Italian model born in Sicily who seeks to return the support of his city by creating a philanthropic gathering with guests and friends from all over the world, including the Family Coop Sociale children's home. This gala was held in the Valle del Templi in Agrillento, where the magic of this presentation is created in the middle of a 3,000-year-old Greek temple.

Chilean designer Paulita Errazuriz also contributed and donated a dress at the auction. Visual artists, singers such as the British San Way and the Italian actress Melania Dalla Costa gathered. It was a magical night with a spectacular four-course meal, a variety of seafood, fresh fish, seasonal fruits, and a beautiful dream that accompanied us for cocktails. It was an emotional and private meeting. London media, Qatari representatives, ambassadors such as Kuwait, Milan, among others. Design, Fashion, Gastronomy and entertainment were the protagonists of this night.

The actress Melania Dalla Costa, wore a tailored suit by Paula Errázuriz, which the next day an editorial was made in the temple with the characteristic arid environment and landscape. This place was used as the main inspiration for the brand's campaign, among the landscapes full of cacti, mountains and blue sky.


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