The originality of Paulita Errázuriz's designs lands in Spain

diseños de Paulita Errázuriz en españa

The unique Premium fashion firm, Paulita Errázuriz, arrives in Spain at the hands of its creator and designer who gives the brand its name.

After more than 5 years succeeding in international fashion, it landed in Spain with more force than ever, with striking, extravagant and timeless designs. Its 100 collections made in Spanish workshops in a traditional way reflect the momentary inspiration of its designer. Bohemian in style with a chic touch and without the aim of complying with established beauty canons, her designs do not leave anyone indifferent and proclaim the freedom of every woman who shows off her designs, highlighting the idea of attitude and personality. of each one what makes a design succeed..

Its bohemian and delicate style is broadly defined by quality, diversity, exclusivity and small details, also highlighting the successful combination and superimposition of different fabrics such as silk, lace, natural embroidery or synthetic hair, with small remnants left over. of fabrics that make each design a unique and unrepeatable piece.

Creation and confection
Paulita Errázuriz lives in Chile, her hometown, but it is in her studio in Spain where she develops her creations, and specifically in Barcelona where she delegates the making of her designs to three workshops, as well as the search for the highest quality materials obtained in marvelous corners of Europe.

One of the three Barcelona workshops is dedicated exclusively to carrying out one of the most valued techniques in Paulita Errázuriz, reusing the leftover remnants of its collections to turn them into unrepeatable applications of its designs, obtaining unique pieces and at the same time helping the sustainability our planet.

The designer
Chilean by birth and by heart, she is a great lover of Spain and its warmth. Outgoing, constant and with very clear ideas, she was interested in fashion from a very young age, always looking at the freest and most different styles. I am here to create a new concept of luxury, where everything is possible, without barriers or limitations, says Paulita Errázuriz.z.

Designer, stylist and image consultant in her homeland, the decision to see the world and expand her design studies at the prestigious Sant Martins University in London, helped her capture the essence of wonderful places as stimulating as Portobello Market or Notting Hill. Thanks to them and several inspiring trips through unique markets in European cities as exciting as Barcelona, Paris, Berlin or the attractive island of Ibiza, Paulita Errázuriz was born in 2015, a call to freedom, originality, extravagance and design. understood as art. My style is bohemian, handmade and delicate, where each piece projects a part of me, the designer confesses.a.

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