From Chile to Spain, from Spain to Chile, from Chile to the world. The designer Paulita Errázuriz found her destiny.

La diseñadora Paulita Errázuriz encontró su destino.

 “I wanted to bring what I saw abroad to my country so that Chilean women would begin to dare more, says the designera Paula Errázuriz. In Spain, where she had traveled to study, she created her eponymous handmade clothing firm in 2014. I traveled to Chile all the time. From 2018 I started to come back. Today, installed in Santiago, it continues to produce in Barcelona and has two objectives: to deepen the sustainable development of its brand and to sell in other countries.. 


Since she was a girl she was interested in visiting other places. I loved going to Europe. My father always took me to know different cultures. After studying for two years Costume and Textile Design in his country, he took courses at thela Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, London and in the European Institute of Design of Barcelona and there it stayed. In 2014, she had to travel to Chile for a wedding. I made a dress for myself, which helped me see what people's reaction was to my first design. It was impressive: they would come up to me to see it up close and ask me questions. Back in Santiago, he began the development of his first collection, which he presented in 2015 at thea Patricia Ready Art Gallery of Vitacura. There was an audiovisual exhibition. It had sounds of birds and giant cages with geometric shapes. It was perfect.. 


Elegant, bohemian, handmade and different. This is how you define your label. They generally recognize me by the colors, he says. Dresses, jackets, blouses and coats are his most sought after pieces, all produced in Barcelona. I work with a lady who has two workshops: one for sewing and testing and another where we store the fabrics and cut all the production. His collections are timeless and his inspiration is in places, such as Ibiza or London. I am interested in everything from how the people who live there are to the colors of the architecture and nature. It also offers a bespoke garment service, which it develops remotely with its Spanish team and even makes wedding dresses.novia.


Sustainability is a dominant concept. I like conscious design. If I have a jacket that I don't use, I take it apart to reuse the textile. The imperative is to take advantage of every last scrap: We buy the right thing. The leftovers, even if they are small, we have them for an edge, a neck, a cuff, a pocket. His latest collection, which he was still unable to present due to the arrival of the pandemic, has pieces created from that practice. There are kimonos that have different sleeves in the front and in the back. It is thanks to a mixture of fabrics. The masks that he released in recent months are also made from leftovers from past collections.adas. 


Her goal today is to start selling in other countries, which is why she is fully dedicated to her online sales channel. Now I want to bring Chile to the world.”.

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