The Romanian fashion show, during FEERIC FASHION WEEK SIBIU 17` was made with a casting of Nordic models who dressed emitting a baroque style on the streets of Romania, the mood of the show, gothic and elegant, the dresses made of lace, velvet, transparencies, dramatic hairstyle, black eyes and lips. A style that Paulita felt inspired to use as an artist by the story of Dracula in Transylvania that she wanted to represent. All this in an setting of tours through small streets and characteristics of the city. This was the first Paulita Errázuriz parade in Europe.

On the fifth day of the wonderful fashion week, the Chilean designer, Paulita Errazuriz, presented her collection, whose inspiration was the story of Romeo and Juliet and their impossible love. Paulita Errazuriz chose the perfect place to present her unique collection: The Stairs Passage, built in the 14th century, transposed guests to the scene of Shakespeare's tragedy.

The creations were defined by a baroque style complemented by a romantic look. Keeping the classic style but moving the direction towards something avant-garde with embroidery and hand-made appliqués shows the original personality of this collection.

The show began in an impressive way. Paulita Errazuriz redefined the concept of trouser suits, but also of overalls. By choosing the right textures, like velvet, satin or lace, the designer gave each piece a hint of elegance, glamour and sensuality. Tulle and silk became the main materials of the following dresses. However, what made them so unique and special were the embroidery and hand-made appliqués, which covered almost completely each of the dresses. The colors that dominated throughout the show were green, red, navy blue and white.

The dresses with deep V necklines and thigh-high divisions were the center of the audience's interest. Belts in different shapes were often included as an important finishing touch to the dresses to accentuate the models' waists.

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