Fashion and ballet: Paulita Errázuriz unites passions at the Municipal Theater.

Six Chilean designers were entrusted with a mission: to create costumes for dancers from the Santiago Ballet, inspired by the new Hush Puppies The FLEXX shoe models. One of those chosen is Paulita Errázuriz, who told us about her own steps in the world of the tutu.

The worlds of ballet and fashion are not unknown to each other. Designers have not only been inspired by the aesthetics of dance, but they have also been the creators of the dancers' costumes on large stages such as the New York City Ballet and the Paris Opera. There are Coco Chanel herself, Miuccia Prada and Stella McCartney, among other great names, who took fabrics to move to the rhythm of classic choreography.

That same task they just performedChilean designers Loraine Holmes, Lupe Gajardo, Paulita Errázuriz, Clara Edwards, Mona Tormo and Daniela Bustamante. Invited by Hush Puppies, each created a dress inspired by the new models in the shoe collectionThe FLEXX, whatused six stars of the Santiago Ballet in a private function.

Paulita Errázuriz, who considers herself a fan of classical dance, cannot hide her enthusiasm for this challenge. Almost like a dancer who is about to go on stage. And there is a reason for that, according to what he tells Dynamo Woman, in his childhood he took classes seriously and performed in front of a large audience. Which is why she did not hesitate to accept this unprecedented project that combines that girlish passion with which she is currently positioned as one of the most successful creatives in local fashion.

¿Have you ever practiced ballet?
When I was a girl I was at Sara Nieto's academy and we had very pro presentations at Escuela Militar. I loved it! But he was too strict, which was not with me laughs. For this reason, I greatly admire dancers who have a life of great discipline.lina.

¿Is there a suit from those presentations that you have left in your memory?
Since we always practiced in mesh, I was fascinated by the tutu. It was a special garment, because we only used it for presentations. The rest I only remember that everything was very pink.

¿You went to the theater to see ballet, which is your favoritedo?
¡Yes always! And I keep doing it, I love it.Swan Lake it is by far my favorite.

¿What did you think of this project by Hush Puppies and the Municipal Theater?
I love everything that has to do with art. It was a huge challenge because I have to work with other designers that I admire and who are at a higher level than mine because they have been doing this for many more years. In addition, there is the honor that your creation is presented at the Municipal, the most beautiful setting. I never thought of saying no, and I couldn't even believe they were offering it to me. It's something amazing.

¿How was the design process and incorporated the shoes assigned for the dancer Ethana Escalona?
I did not want to make a common dress, but I followed the traditional ballet costumes: tutu, tulle and elastic fabrics. Everything in a modern version, to match the shoe. The one that touched me is beige and gold. As soon as I saw it I imagined red and pink tones. And in order not to do something obvious or similar to the rest, I decided to break schemes and go for the dark. I also didn't want it to be a single color, so I mixed the blue and green. I used tulle and lycra for the bodysuit. The end result is a typical ballet outfit, albeit much more modern: low-cut at the back and at the front, while the tutu is a longer skirt like those worn now, mid-calf.

Fashion and ballet have always been closely related. Great designers like Rodarte, Alaïa and even Coco Chanel have made costumes for dancers. Did you have one as a referencee?
The truth, what I had most in mind was the wardrobe ofThe Black Swan, the movie with Natalie Portman. I think that's why I went more to the dark side.

The dresses of this outstanding group of designers will be exhibited in a private event this Sunday at the Municipal Theater. Later, they will be in the main Hush Puppies stores in the country.

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