Blue Chiffon Poncho Shawl Cross Application

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The perfect complement to finish dressing each look. It stands out for its slight fall that produces a magical movement when walking or dancing. Its delicate transparency makes it ideal to hide without covering it completely. Breathe elegance with this unmatched cover.
Ideal for any occasion. Comfortable and stylish at the same time. Perfect to hide the silhouette by wearing the fabric in the best way. Ideal complement for all types of bodies.
 Chiffon is a light fabric, with low density and with a transparent appearance. Its fabric is open, very fine and soft.


  • Dry clean or gently hand wash with neutral soap or mild detergent
  • Dry hanging in the shadow
  • Drain off excess water before hanging
  • Iron cold or steam
  • Do not use bleach/chlorine
  • No scrubbing
  • Do not twist

For more tips and washing and care specifications you can find it in the More Information section to the left of the footer.a.

Color: Azul

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