White Cleavage Lightweight Print Mooring Dress

Limited Stock,unique piece unrepeatable.
 Fresh, light and easy-to-wear dress with thin straps to adjust to measure according to how you fit like a bikini. Highlight necklines in a subtly sexy way. It can be elegant with high heels, chiffon or patterned kimono as well as with a jeweled jacket to make it stand out even more. It is a relaxed dress if you combine it with a denim or leather jacket and some comfortable boots, sandals or sneakers with style.o.
 Angel skin keeps warm in winter and cool in summer. Water can leave marks and discolour if it is overly exposed to the sun.


  • Dry clean or gently hand wash with neutral soap or mild detergent
  • Dry hanging in the shadow
  • Squeeze out excess water before hanging
  • Iron medium / low temperature or steam
  • Do not use bleach/chlorine
  • No scrubbing
  • Do not immerse

For more tips and washing and care specifications you can find it in the More Information section to the left of the footer.a.

Manufacturing Specifications: The dresses are made for a 1.85 meter person so that you can shorten hem and straps according to your own measurements at the nearest seamstress.

Color: Pájaros

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