Long Leather Red Fuchsia Coat

Limited Stock,unique piece unrepeatable.
 It is a must in the closet if you want to face winter with style. It stylizes the figure thanks to its vertical, long and fitted cut. They are effortless chic, laid back yet elegant at the same time.
Eighties and rock style. Contrasting different shades of red with fuchsia. A unique garment, with personality and style

Leather is an animal skin that is treated depending on its use. It refers to the tanned material that remains smooth and without any type of hair.


  • Use a damp cloth to clean or remove dirt
  • Dry at room temperature
  • Stay hydrated with leather conditioners
  • Keep away from plastic when storing the garment in the closet
  • Do not immerse
  • Do not use soap or cleaning products.

For more tips and washing and care specifications you can find it in the More Information section to the left of the footer.a.

Color: Rojo Fucsia

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